Designed for the specific needs of children ages 4-12, students are taught a general knowledge of karate, with aspects of teamwork, courtesy, discipline and respect incorporated into each class.

The benefits of studying Kyokushin Karate are many, but first it must be understood that karate is not a form of violence. With fun, cooperative workouts we strive to provide our students with the skills, energy, and confidence to pursue their goals. Through reinforcement of positive thinking, your child will gain mental and emotional strength and a strong, healthy body. The physical training involved in Kyokushin Karate develops coordination and increases strength, and flexibility, which is important during a child’s physical development.

Our Kyokushin Children’s Program is an exciting martial arts program that focuses on character development, physical fitness, and practical self-defense. Children enrolled in the Kyokushin Kids Program not only learn to protect themselves, but also learn the value of finding non-violent ways to resolve conflict. We teach children fundamental skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Below you will find additional information regarding our Children’s program – please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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